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Vahlok Weekly Updates

Yehn / Apr 04, 2016
28/03/16 - 04/04/16

Our trial guild quest schedule has come to a close, please head over this this thread and give us feedback on how it went and if this is a thing you would like us to fully implement.

We had a guild meeting on Friday, while waiting for the feedback post you can head over here to look at all the important updates to the guild that we covered in that.

Some highlights from this week are:
  • Our guild has increased in rank to #39 this week. (Go us!)
  • We did our first of many Guild Bosses this week. (Savii had it recorded too!)
  • Savii has scheduled a GvG event with one of our allies this Tuesday @ 8pm CDT (6pm PDT)

Here's a look at our first ever guild boss run!

For future Guild Boss runs, we will be doing them on the weekends! So please look forward for those! ♥

The Mediah Patch hit us this week, here is a brief overview of what was included in that.
  • Red Battlegrounds. - A 40 person PvP arena to hone your skills and get nice loots.
  • Mediah Region - Filled with new farm locations, an easier way to level up to 55, new gathering locations, and a new armour set.
  • World Bosses - They now spawn and give you nice loots. ♦
  • PvE Galore - Around 1000 more quests, new crafting recipes, new areas to explore and gain knowledge and two new towns to settle into.

More of our lovely guildies reached 10k Green Contribution this week!
  • Applina
  • Shawl
  • Enirame
  • Koon
  • Miththanryl
  • Swole
  • Narberal
  • Pulse

And to bring this update to a close, here is a screencap from Savii.

Thanks for reading! And see you next Monday with more news. ♥♥


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